What the Professionals say about Bob

"Bob is an outstanding friend maker and fundraiser. He has spent the largest part of his professional life connecting donors (alumni, parents & friends) to the strategic academic and co-curricular objectives of Texas A&M University. As an observer of Bob's work I can safely say he has set the standard for how a University fundraiser/friend maker can further the ambitions of the University. He is has raised millions for TAMU and in so doing he has never sought person recognition only the personal satisfaction of knowing he made his university a better place. "

Brad Cheves – Vice President of Development & External Affairs ,
Southern Methodist University

"Bob is the best, most effective fund raiser I have ever known and a wonderful friend and mentor. Based upon his track record, he would certainly rank in the top 10 of university fund raisers in the country (and #1 in my book!)."

Bill Estes EdD – Vice President for University Advancement, 
University of West Georgia

"Bob is much more than a fund raiser. He is a friend maker. He devotes all of his time making and keeping friends for the university. When the friend is created, that person becomes someone that wants to support the university. His forty years plus service to A&M has illustrated the effectiveness of a special form of fund raising. 
During my time as President, his capacity for creating and sustaining friendships was enormously important to me. As a new President that had to address some controversial issues, he was almost always the one to reach out and tell anyone concerned that “everything is ok.” It was the ultimate form of public relations on behalf of the university. He would have been important to the university even if he was not also raising money. I have never met anyone with his capacity to help Aggies. He is always ready and willing to help an Aggie regardless of the issue. As he provides this help, he always maintains his personal integrity. He is a highly principled individual that, through years of good work, is uniformly respected by everyone that knows him.
As a fund raiser, given what I have said about his friend making, Dr. Walker was the best I have ever seen. He did not mind spending years cultivating a prospect. Bum Bright was a thirty year plus friend before he ever decided to make his $25M gift. When Bum signed the gift agreement, the first thing he did was turn to Bob and ask whether he would still come and see him. The friend dimension of the relationship was every bit as important to Bum as was the donor relationship. There are literally hundreds of similar stories one can tell about how his friendships with Aggies has helped the university. Dr. Walker is also a skilled professional. He knows how to design a development program and how to structure major campaigns. I have worked at several good universities. All of these were handicapped because they did not have in the university leadership the kind of long term, service oriented, individual that Dr. Walker has represented for Texas A&M."

Dr. Ray M. Bowen - President Emeritus Texas A&M University, 
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M President 1994-2002

What the Professionals say about Sid

"Dr. Sid Walker is a gifted, knowledgeable, and experienced Advancement professional. He has a gift for matching talent with opportunities. Sid’s genuine care for people allows him to create organizational systems and processes that empower individuals to accomplish institutional success."

Todd W. Rasberry, Ph.D. - Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Georgetown College

"I’ve worked with Sid for several years and owe a great deal of my success to the fundraising strategies and tactics he shared. He is masterful in his ability to build strong relationships with donors and has a proven record of successful fundraising experience in a wide range of educational disciplines. When I, or a member of my team, have a fundraising or donor related challenge, Sid is the first person we call. His knowledge of educational fundraising and his exceptional experience make him an invaluable resource to any organization to which he lends his talents."

Trey Turner - Executive Director of Development
Stephen F. Austin State University

"Sid & I worked together when he was Executive Director of the Texas Tech Law School Foundation and I served as Chairman of the Board. He led us in a naming gifts campaign, increased our endowed funds, but his biggest strengths are his personality and interpersonal skills. I personally enjoyed his company and he was a great friend maker and fundraiser for the Texas Tech Law School."

David Segrest - Gardere Wynne Sewell, LLP
Texas Tech Law School Distinguished Alumnus
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